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About Us.

Mudcat Entertainment Center has been an icon of the township of Dunnville since 1989 as an entertainment destination and a historic 5 – Pin Bowling Alley.

Our Restaurant

Our renewed restaurant menu offers varieties of options to suit your preferences. While playing in the game area or on bowling lanes, your access to the restaurant is only a few steps. We provide you with soft and liquor drinks, warm and cold foods as well as a clean and high-end sitting area with booths and tables.

A Few Words About Us

Mudcat Entertainment Center is a family owned and operated business that offers you a clean, fun environment suitable for all ages. Our friendly staff provides you with a happy family atmosphere.

We are the ideal location for your birthday party, corporate party, group function or fundraiser.

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Our Food Policy

At Mudcat Entertainment Center, we believe that dietary sensitivities shouldn’t stop you from enjoying fresh, delicious food. Our menu offers gluten free and vegetarian options. We use fresh utensils and cutters for each meal prepared to avoid any cross contamination.

Our Core Values

At Mudcat Entertainment Center, whether you are here for bowling or dining, we strive to create good memories by providing personalized service to our guests. We aim to create an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority and become our customers to-go place to eat, drink and play. Integrity, caring, respect and win-win is at the core of our values.

Our vision is to keep learning, keep growing and stay dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food and customer service. We always source ingredients from sustainable, local suppliers.

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