“I had too much fun was no one’s last regret ever.”

Whether you want to perfect your golf swing or hunt a buck, we’ve got you covered. Can’t drive? Can’t overspeed? That’s alright, jump behind wheel in our arcade car racing game to fly as fast as you want.
From extreme shot basketball to Iceball to Air hockey, our arcade has a variety of games to entertain people of all ages, bringing out the competitive side of you.

Daytona USA 2

Daytona 2, the sequel to Daytona, is a stock car racing simulator in which the player is placed in a high-speed stock car race in which he can view from multiple angles.

The player will have to master the art of power sliding and more in order to gain mastery of the 3 courses. The three courses are Beginner – race 8 laps with 40 cars on a basic oval track, Intermediate – race 4 laps with 20 cars on a tricky amusement park track, and Advanced – race 2 laps with 30 cars on a complex city track.

There are 3 different car types, with each car suitable for different skill levels (easy, normal and hard). There are also 3 different race modes – Beat the Clock is a time trial with only the players car racing around the track in an attempt to get the fastest time, Real Players Only mode is where only the participating players cars race, and No Assist mode automatically turns off the ‘Auto-assist’ feature that speeds up the slower cars in linked play.

Big Buck Hunter

Bringing you authentic arcade experiences in a mid-size form. Enjoy new hunts with Big Buck Wild, new weapons (Bow Hunting), and new story-driven campaigns.

Extreme Shot Basketball

Test your skill against the clock, challenge other players to the ultimate test of free throw shooting. Multiple levels of play with moving hoop.

Ice Ball

An all-time favourite game – just roll the ball down the alley to get the ball into a target inside. Easy? Why don’t you try first?

Golden Tree Golf

Golden Tee offers players an unprecedented 60 spectacular 18-hole fantasy courses to choose from. A variety of game formats​ and gorgeous hi-def game graphics.

PAC Man Pixel Bash

The Pac-Man Pixel Bash is a pleasant throwback to the good old times. Relive your memories and make new memories with this amazing game.

Air Hockey

Add more fun to your day and challenge someone to beat you.